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List mumblery

Have been doing getting-ready-to-travel things and life-maintenance things and dog-soothing things and so on. The dog is convinced that there is Something Up. She has been trying to sit directly on me whenever possible, including when I'm at the computer. It is hard to type with a dog pressing her head down on my wrist as hard as she can manage. I don't care that she's small, she's determined!

She also, poor bop, has an ear infection. I'm really glad we have a good groomer who could spot it right away and have the vet swab it right away and have everything go as smoothly as possible...but the dog needs to stop getting sick, is the long and short of this one.

It is finally, finally, finally supposed to snow here...starting tomorrow afternoon and ending Sunday evening. So yes: neatly straddling the time when we're supposed to be flying out. Sigh. This state is like your very own perpetual toddler: you love it, but some days....

I need to rethink my list for the week after our return, I think: one of the reasons I have lists on a weekly basis is to tell me what I don't have to try to get done in a week, because it can wait for next week. It's okay if one or two things carry over from week to week, but if there are five to ten things getting transferred over every single week for months on end, that's a sign that I'm not using the list the way I want to, and I should shift that somehow. If it's okay for these things not to get done in a given week, maybe I should be spreading out how I write down that I want them done in the first place. Some of this has gotten better this week in particular because a lot of longer-term pieces got finished all at once, so I could remove those from the list rather than sighing and moving them to the next list.

Maybe there would be fewer to move to the next list in the first place if there were fewer on the first list, if it wasn't "ack, look at the list of things I'd like to get done this week" but rather "ah, here's something I'd like to get done this week." And with stuff like that, I can always "work ahead." (Some list items do not permit for working ahead. "Call grandparents," for example, is something I want to remember to do every single week. If I do it three times this week -- which I did -- that doesn't mean it's fine to blow them off for a whole fortnight after that. So it doesn't get crossed off the list in advance. They're my grandparents. That's not how my priorities go.)

It occurs to me that I don't really have a list for while we're gone. I mean, I have the beginnings of a schedule, and with it some intentions. (Anyone who hopes to see me in the Bay Area: please contact me if you don't have my cell phone number. It will be a better contact mode than e-mail for anything time-sensitive.) I'm bringing stuff to work on, but I don't have a particular set of goals in mind for the week -- no X thousand words, no finishing Y, no Z chapters of Q. I'm not even bringing things that count as research reading in the near-term. What is this called? Is this what is known as "vacation"? Is this what they call "realistic expectation" and "relaxation"? How very eccentric.
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