Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

What do you love?

Yesterday one of you asked a very simple question: "What do you love?" Not who but what. I was pretty certain I remembered which one of you, but I'm getting "Not Found" errors when I try to view it, so -- dunno. Livejournal is screwy. Anyway, it's a good question.

I love all the different kinds of fresh snow, the wet slushy kind and the fine sparkly powder and the giant flakes that stay in my hair and the driving kind that's almost as hard as rain and the flurries and all of it.

I love knowing that there are books and books and books available, that I will never run out of reading material for more than an hour or two as long as I deal adequately with the library system and my friends and bookstores and so on.

I love knowing that there are books and books and books in here, that I will never run out of writing material even when it's hard to write.

I love the base-of-my-skull feeling when words are tumbling onto the page and things I did 100 pages ago are making themselves felt and making my bones rattle.

I love the way the peppery-citrus smell of grapefruit clings to my hands for hours after I cut the grapefruit, so it follows me around the house, and every time I brush my hair back, it's almost as good as eating more grapefruit.

I love the soft place on a man's face right above where his beard starts if he has a beard.

I love seeing pictures of my loved ones enjoying themselves when I can't be there.

I love trying different kinds of pens, the look of wet ink on paper, the flash of it drying.

I love having plenty of time but not too much time on an airport layover, striding through the airport to your next gate, the feeling of purpose, the feeling that I am doing what I can towards moving forward.

I love the way my garage smells like my grandparents' garage used to smell, different in the different seasons but the same Minnesota garage smell.

I love the smell of dog paws, the smell of pads with the smell of fur and the smell of claws.

I love the sound of good strong magnets being pulled together.

I love it when the math works out, even when it's complicated math.

I love hearing the river through the trees as you approach it on foot.

I love cool clean sheets.

I love the step where the brown sugar and the butter are combined and the smell fills your mouth or maybe the taste fills your nose and you know it'll be good even before any of the other ingredients go into the bowl. But also I love adding spices to gingerbread and inhaling each smell before I see the splash of spice color in the mixing bowl.

I love the blank pages in my paper journals.

I love my tuned and repaired piano, feel and sound together under my hands.

I love it when I'm reading out loud and people laugh in the right spots and make involuntary noises of revelation in the right spots.

I love getting the skin off a good avocado without taking too much of the avocado with, and the smell of it, and the feel of smooshy avocado and smooth pit.

What do you love?
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