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I am still extremely boring to babies. It's good to have talents.

The wee beast continues to feel better. Yay, better. Today she has just been the happiest wee beast. Apparently good health agrees with her mood.

One of you asked where I like to take people when they're visiting. Oh, I've talked about these a bit, I think -- Minnehaha Falls and the Conservatory up at Como Park, driving the River Road, walking around Lake of the Isles. Bits of green and wet, or bits of ice and snow, depending on when the visitors come. If the visitors in question are interested in books, we'll maybe go to Uncle Hugo's and Dreamhaven; if they're feeling Scandophilic or anthropological, the American Swedish Institute and Ingebretsen's. A lot of people have never seen a grocery store as wonderful as Byerly's before. MIA is nice, and free. greykev and I walked Ista in our local park, and that was good fun, too.

I love this whole city, is the thing. Even the bits I hate. (The Crosstown and 35W running together: yarg, why did they think that was a good idea?) I can keep a running travelogue going as I drive anywhere: "And that place is really no good for pulla -- you'd think they would be, but their pulla is boring -- and here's the place that's in all of my dreams that involve education -- and those people served me a basket made out of cheese and it was so good -- and...."
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