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Darwin; super.

Happy Darwin's birthday, people! There are good and bad ways of celebrating. May I suggest that looking at nice little birdies is much safer than going around determining who is not the fittest and removing them accordingly?

First of the questions asked so far: one of you, clearly someone who has been reading me for awhile, asked if I ever found a substitute for my superhero undies. For those of you who haven't been reading me that long, I once amused myself writing and selling an essay about Underoos and a set of bright superhero-blue skivvies I had bought that felt like the grown-up equivalent. Main thesis: our ancestresses were constrained under their clothes, but when women my age were little, we were taught to kick ass even where no one could see. I loved my superhero-blue skivvies, but they eventually went the way of all skivvies, and no, I have not found any way to replace them. I have to maintain superness without any help from my undergarments these days. It's very sad, but I do try to soldier on.

(I'm totally buying another set that blue the minute I see them, though. It was perfect. I used to sing myself little fanfares while I was getting dressed in them, and mutter things like, "Have no fear! 'Tis I, Awesome Skivvies Woman! I will save your crashing rocketship without bouncing uncomfortably!" No rocketship ever attempted to crash near me while I was wearing those things, but boy, would I have been ready.)

It really was a revelation that I could pay the electric bill that month just by blathering on like I do, and still have a little left for snackies at Trader Joe's. (By which you can tell roughly how long this long-time reader must have been reading, because I only shopped at TJ's when we lived in Hayward, 1/01 to 10/03. I'm not averse to going there now that we live here, but I just haven't made the effort, what with Byerly's being three minutes away and all.)

Another of the questions I was asked was about friending. Please feel free to friend away! I'm not friending people at nearly as high a rate as I used to due to time constraints -- there are people I know and like in person but haven't friended at this point -- but you don't have to ask before friending me or commenting, answering surveys, etc. We're friendly around here. (I do appreciate new friends saying who they are if they feel up to it, though, so I have some idea whether they're supposed to be someone I know.)

In other news, the dog was doing enough better to be a little bratty last night. Oh. Um...great....
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