Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Post-party question

Is there anything more socially terrifying than hearing from someone you've just met, "Oh, yes! X has told me all about you!" Err...what's "all," exactly? Whether X has years of friendship to draw upon or weeks, the prospect of figuring out what "all" consists of is rather daunting. Do these people know my shoe size? My preferences in cheese? The name of my old piano teacher?

7.5, mostly hard and sharp but with recent stinky leanings, and Sandi Pixley. Respectively. So now you know all about me, too.

Probably that means this is time for one of those random-question memes. Ask away. I've got the comments on this post screened, so ask what you like. I won't say who asked unless you say I can, or unless it's really obvious. ("What are the top ten things you are now going to do to entertain matociquala this morning? Show your work," is unlikely to be anybody but a bored Bear, for example.)
Tags: random questions

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