Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


I am the meanest meanest meanest monkey ever.

Ista's eyes have gotten to the itchy phase of healing, and so I am making her wear her conehead again. She is Extremely Disgruntled. I tried taking it off this morning for awhile, but she wouldn't leave her eyes alone, so here we are again. When I was sitting on the library couch reading, she snuggled the conehead right up against my head and draped a paw over my shoulder. Periodically, she would let out this little sad crooning sigh. Now she has made a nest of my old college quilt on the guest bed and is fixing markgritter with her imploring, itchy gaze: please won't you take this horrid thing off my head, monkey? Please? Please?

Last night she pulled Piggy into the cone with her to sleep.

It is so very hard to be the bop.
Tags: poodular supervision
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