Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

The SNL references here are older than I am; she doesn't come from France.

Uff da. Un-Mrissish hour. But at least it isn't a Tuesday.

So. Yesterday we noticed one of Ista's eyelids was a bit swollen. Same deal today. We figured we'd keep an eye on it. She was a little punky but not majorly punky, so we figured we could wait for the normal vet hours.

I went to bed at a sane and Mrissish hour, went to sleep, was minding my own business (at least, I presume I was), and then I woke up. Something was wrong. Brain eventually identified something as two things: sound of dog worrying at something and smell of dog blood. She had scratched at her eyelid and managed to make it bleed. So we tried to fashion booties for her to keep her from pawing at it, but she is resourceful, and we hadn't got the fourth one on before one of the first three was off. So -- we figured it was not good to be bleeding that close to the eye, and we figured our own resources were likely to be inadequate to the task, and we took her to the emergency vet.

And she did have a minor infection of the eyelid, and so they gave her antibiotics and a conehead, and she is now trying to figure out how to get rid of the conehead or, failing that, use it for stashing treats to carry around with her. And as middle of the night e-vet runs on the coldest night of the year go, it really was remarkably low-stress -- there was never the "what if our beastlet dies???" moment, just, oh, well, better get this taken care of, then.

And now to bed. The adrenaline didn't kick in ever (due to the no-fear-of-dogly-death thing), so mostly I'm a bit cold and a lot tired. But the dogbeast will be fine, and that's important.
Tags: poodular supervision

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