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Marissa Lingen

Cheap thrills

While we were off seeing Miss Lillian, Ista's nemesis* dropped off the box with the E. Nesbit skirt and another skirt and a dress in it. We didn't see it when we came up the driveway, so it sat out in the snow until just now, when markgritter and Ista left on their walk. I brought it in and tried the stuff on immediately. Wah! And I say again: wah! Cheap thrills! That was chilly.

My sympathetic status, you will be glad to know, remains intact, although it is both less mod and less Nesbitty than I thought. The other skirt, a black-and-green plaid, almost-fits, in that way full skirts have where they just sit a little lower on one's hips than if they actually fit. So that'll do. I suspect that my choice of this skirt makes it very clear that I came of age in the '90s, in that it is a bit grunge or at least post-punk, but I'm not going to any particular length to pretend I am some other age anyway.

The dress...I am still thinking about the dress. It's a summer sundress, and -- well, I think gaaldine once put it best, when we were discussing my bridesmaid dress: "I didn't expect it to be 'look at my boobs!'" This dress was clearly constructed for someone with a rather different body type than mine, and the result is...I will ponder how I feel about the result, is what. I don't think it's bad; I'm just not sure it's me. The other thing about it is that it is reminds me of a previous dress of which my friend Rob said, "You know those orange and white popsicle things?" "Dreamsicles?" "Right! You look like a Dreamsicle in that dress." He meant it to be nice. Really. it's just that it's a rather vivid orange. I wear vivid orange well. But it remains vivid orange. So. I ponder.


All this would be easier if I didn't care about clothes, but I do. (Not about fashion. About my clothes.) On the other hand, I am absurdly pleased with the two skirts, and I wouldn't be if I didn't care about clothes.

Anyway, back to hockey stories and Spinoza, consecutively, not concurrently.

*The UPS man. Oh, how she hates him.
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