Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

traveling (again)

I woke up yesterday hungry for croissants and strawberry jam, so I got some at Byerly's and had half of one (they're huge) with my chicken soup last night for dinner, the other half with my salad at lunch. And it was good.

But the thing turns out that what I want is not actually croissants and strawberry jam. It's that my brain has used this as a signal for "travel abroad." It's what I had for breakfast in London when we were there in '05, and in Paris and London in '95. I sometimes even had it for breakfast in our various Scandinavian travels before that, although at that young age I was still even willing to eat gjetost first thing in the morning sometimes. I was unwary, at the age of 9-turning-10. I have learned better now.

Well, it's not abroad, no matter how often I joke about it being a different country, but we have tickets to fly into SFO on Saturday, February 24, and to fly out on Friday, March 2. I'm still waiting to hear from a few close people about scheduling, and then I will sit down and scowl at a notecard and wonder who can be combined with whom and when. And how I can get House of Nanking calamari out of the deal.

Further travel for the year is still up in the air, by which I mean quite possible and even likely.

When markgritter is done with work stuff -- and I have no idea when that will be -- we will load up the car and head out, to Omaha for the weekend. Any connectivity between our departure and Sunday supperish will be a fluke, as my grandparents do not have connectivity. Between now and then, I'm working on this short story some more, and packing, and walking the dog. Nothing thrilling, but still just fine.
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