Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Another assortment of points making an entry

1. I want porphyrin to have her baby already. Probably not nearly as much as she wants to. But I am so excited about this little girl.

2. I was going to have lunch with a friend, but the Ick claimed her. Sigh. So -- later this week, one hopes. And anyway it's snowing, which is much more fun to watch from inside my house than from inside my car. This is how I console myself, but also I genuinely like the snow. As you all know by now.

3. The next bit of travel under consideration is settled: markgritter and Ista and I are going to Omaha for my grandpa's birthday next weekend. He turns 79. He has beaten three different kinds of cancer and is still going strong; when I called to say we were coming, he sounded very pleased indeed.

I should know about the next bit of travel after that by the end of the day, and can start making plans from there, or not, as the case may be.

4. Today is supposed to be a day off. I am having trouble with this -- not just in the usual "urge to write" way, but also in a sheer stupid memory way: I keep forgetting that it's Sunday and thinking I have to do the stuff on my list for Monday, when in fact I can't do a lot of the stuff on my list for Monday. Taking timprov to the doctor, for example, would do us no good.

5. Having a friend called Ed is making my spam personally rather than generally annoying. "SOLVE YOUR ED PROBLEMS!" it is telling me. The only Ed problem I have is that he does not visit enough. Do you think these people have a pill to fix that? I don't. Also, one of the standard spam l33tspellings amuses me: "curea11." The hindbrain says, "That's not how you spell curia 11." I should write a short story set in Curia 11, one of the Pope's courts in the Oort Cloud, except that it would get bounced from all the markets that take e-subs.

6. I am a little frightened of going to the hippie grocery again today. Last time I went there, apparently my competence field was turned up to high, because the clerk there -- whom I had never seen before -- gave me a long and rambling lecture about how much better-off I was than the kids who were teenagers today, because they knew how to do nothing, no cooking or laundry or mending or cleaning or repairs or anything. How she knew I could do these things, I do not know. Competence field turned up to high is my best guess. But grocery store cashews are so salty that I will have to risk being mistaken for a multifaceted, skilled individual again.
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