Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Three Lions with Swords

Oh oh ooh ooh ooh! There came in the mail a package with that lovely spidery continental handwriting on it, and stamps, three of them lions with swords and one crane and one little white bell-flower. And inside it was a wrapped package in brown butcher paper, like a present. And it was, it was a present from Finland! Portti Science Fiction has sent me their Special English Issue. Free! They're so nice. If I get to Finland this summer or after, I might see if I could look them up and say hullo and thanks for being so nice to me.

It's lovely, too, glossy and ink-smelling, with poems and comics and stories and a good long article of "The History of Finnish Science Fiction Books." My new ambition is to have one of my stories translated and put in Portti. It can join all of my old ambitions jostling for position. I'm wiggly-puppy-joyful about this slim little volume. Yay Portti Science Fiction!
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