Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Lamp lit. On to fish or possibly oxen.

Last night I finished the last of "Carter Hall Lights the Lamp," and this morning I sent it to the people who said they wanted it, whose comments I could find, whose addresses I have. If you want it and do not see it in your inbox, please e-mail me at my gmail (marissalingen), and we will remedy this situation.

I strongly doubt that I will be finishing short stories at a rate of two per nine days this year. There will be books, and books cut into short story time in a happy wonderful way. But finishing some short stories is a good thing. Having more stuff to send out again is a good thing. Not languishing forever in an ever increasing pile of half-finished things is an indubitably good thing.

I'm never going to have the decks entirely cleared when I start a new novel -- that's just not how my brain works. But it'd be nice to have a bunch of loose ends tidied by the time I get to What We Did to Save the Kingdom or whatever it ends up being called. So. Onwards and upwards.
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