Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Feast of Epiphany

I haven't had any epiphanies, just some good solid work on this story. ("Carter Hall Lights the Lamp," I mean.) I'm not going to finish it tonight, but that's okay: I know where it's got to go yet, and it's going there pretty quickly, probably less than a thousand words. And I'm having good fun with it, and I'm pretty sure I can finish it Monday.

I have been in a suppressed panic about the number of short stories I have in circulation -- by my standards extremely low -- but I've been picking and pecking away at several for quite some time, and they feel like they'll be falling in a tidy-looking little row. (Tidy-looking from the outside.) Of course, about the time I say that, I'll be going like crazy on novel stuff instead. That'll be all right, too. I can do both. That'd be good.
Tags: publishing, stupid brain tricks

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