Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

switching over

I am startled at how easy it has been to switch from the style I used for "The Snow Queen and Milady de Winter" to Carter Hall's voice. No one in "SQ&MdW" would ever, ever even dream of saying, "Dude, there is something seriously wrong with your 'nog," even if goblins had been at the eggnog. If there had been eggnog in "SQ&MdW," which there was not, because if ever there was a beverage distant from Milady de Winter, it was eggnog. But still.

I suspect that the transition would not have worked very well in the other direction, but we don't have to find out now.

I am having fun. I was having fun with the last story, too, but...different fun. Very different fun indeed. More people died in the previous fun. Fewer were whacked with hockey sticks.

Life is filled with tradeoffs, when you think about it.
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