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So here's the thing about me and New Year's Resolutions: I don't make 'em. I am an experimentalist by nature and by training, so if there's something I want to change, I try changing it more or less right away, and I evaluate how it goes from there. For awhile I would declare any such change a "New Year's Resolution" regardless of what day of the year it was made. That was silly, and I quit. But I still change things when it occurs to me to do so, and I'm not really short on self-critical introspection much of the time.

The other thing is, very few of my goals are year-long goals. Some of them are day-long, some week-long, some seasonal, some "if I die trying."

I do keep a separate spreadsheet for fiction submissions for each calendar year, or it would get pretty unwieldy, and I confess that I freaked out when I removed all the sold and trunked stories from 2006 ("Ack! Need to write more stories!"), but I'd been having that particular freakout on a fairly regular basis for the last half of the year, so I'll just return to the file in front of me right now and add some words to that. One foot in front of the other. Etc.
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