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Oooookay. Well, we now have an answer to the question of whether I get somewhat dizzy a few days after flying. The answer is, unfortunately, yes. (I suspected this in Austin: at first I was thinking that apparently a glass of wine and half a glass of champagne over the course of nine hours with a large meal smack in the middle was just too much for me. But then the dizziness didn't go away when I woke up in the morning, or the next morning. It went away the morning after that. Let's hope this is less lasting.)

In addition to that, much of my back is tight and knotted, and I keep having mini-nosebleeds.

So here's the plan for tomorrow:

1) We go nowhere and see nobody tomorrow unless things change drastically, and possibly not even then. We have invitations for tomorrow night to several places that will be jam-packed with people I would love to see. We will be declining all of them. Time to decompress. Past time, possibly. Exceptions: emergency situations. If you would usually call me to look after your child while you run your partner to the ER, by all means please do so tomorrow. Let's hope it doesn't apply.

2) I call to see when I can get my back worked on this week. Sooner = better.

3) I do some yoga in the morning if my inner ear is up to inversions at that point.

4) Lots of water.

5) Hot shoulder pack.

6) Hot tub time, as soon as the pH etc. checks out.

7) No typing tomorrow. Sundays are always my day off from writing fiction or paying/serious nonfiction (I work better with a day off). Tomorrow they will be my day off from typing completely. Exceptions: a) if you have a truly major crisis for which words from me seem like they might be useful; b) if there is something that must be planned in a timely fashion tomorrow (but not planned for tomorrow, because -- see #1); and c) if you don't know what c) is, it's not relevant to you.

Any further suggestions for de-stressing, de-dizzying, or removal of back tension or nosebleed issues will be considered as seriously as they were offered.

I am writing all this down here partly so you know why I will be under radio silence, but partly so that I am accountable for it: the Mris Has Decreed etc.

In all likelihood, there will still be lasagna.
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