Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

muuuuuch better

Happy beast, happy girl! A bit ago, timprov pointed out the window and said, "Look!" It was snowing -- huge flakes, practically each a snowball in itself. So I threw on my coat and hat and gloves before it could change its mind, and out we went, Ista and me. And she romped and pranced and sniffed everything, some things twice, and I grinned at passing motorists, and we had the park all to ourselves, snow on our noses and in our eyelashes. Every once in awhile she would stop to shake the snow off her fur and then do a little skitter-step looking up at me, so very glad we were sharing this exciting wonderful thing.

When we finished the loop around the park and started the walk home, the snow had already obliterated our footprints from the walk out.

Herself got a cookie when we got in, and I'm drinking the last of the really good hot cocoa, and when it's gone I'll get back to "Carter Hall Lights the Lamp," in high solstice spirits.
Tags: summer is a foreign country

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