Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Still hoping.

There are very few things more magical* than waking up before dawn and looking outside to see the snowflakes drifting down in the circle of the streetlight.

Sadly, that didn't happen to me this morning. Not even close.

I do have the cookie recipe from last night posted, though: Double Chocolate Sour Cherry Hazelnut Cookies, although this recipe will do for pretty much any nut and dried fruit, and will also do for no dried fruit at all. (Probably not for no nut, but I haven't tested that yet.) I have the oats and buttermilk combining themselves for oat cakes, but I haven't done them yet; I also hope to manage some dipped apricots and some apple bread before the day is through, and pepparkakor and two kinds of fruit shortbreads are also on the list for this week if I can manage them. (Probably raspberry and apricot, this year, but it may turn out to be raspberry and lemon or peach and cherry or who knows what.)

The baking has to fit itself in with other things, though, and today those other things involve at least one chapter of Zodiac House, probable poking of a short story, and -- most thrillingly -- the purchase of a new mop. (O my heart, be still!) There may be mending and bill-paying and short story submission in the midst of all this. You just never know what wild and crazy turn my days will take. I might even work on a different short story than I intended. (I'm afraid you're going to have to supply the Tense Movie Music on that one yourself.)

*For morning-person and winter-person values of magical; Your Magic May Vary.
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