Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Sex scene grump redux.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate writing sex scenes? And that I particularly hate writing sex scenes whose contents are relevant to the plot, so I can't just shut the door behind my characters and move on with the rest of the plot because the rest of the plot is in there with the nekkid people, along with the character arcs and the worldbuilding?

I am a Scandosotan, people! "I'm afraid that's none of my business!" is our rallying cry!

What kind of brain is it, anyway, that will not just leave out major sections of human existence because it makes me skittery to write about them? Isn't this writing thing supposed to be mentally/emotionally easy and comfortable?

Oh, right. That was some other profession completely.

I am going to get these plot points jotted down in the bits of What We Did to Save the Kingdom and then close that file and go back to Zodiac House, wherein all the major characters stay clad at all times.

(Two things I think are underused in worldbuilding, though: sex scenes and musical comedies/light comic operas.)
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