Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of November 19-25

No acceptances, no rejections, no nothin'. Not unexpected for a holiday week (although the mail could have arrived on stuff sent before the holiday -- stranger things have happened).

There are all sorts of useful things I should do around the house before we go make lefse (which didn't get done on Thanksgiving because my mom had been making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and was about cooked out -- understandably so), but it seems that instead I'm working on Zodiac House, and that's okay. It's being fun, still. (Here's the advantage to "chapter books," theoretically for middle-grade elementary school kids: by the time you hit the mid-book doldrums at 30K, the book is very nearly over, if not over completely.)

I keep hearing people talking about how YAs have a sense of fun (most recently ccfinlay), and I keep hoping I can keep that going into What We Did to Save the Kingdom even though it will definitely be a grown-up book. (Sex! Violence! Politics! More sex!)

Oh, does that sound like a decision? Yah, well. Kind of is. Feeling pretty good about it.
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