Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Uff da.

I need to like fewer of you. Can some of you please be big jerks to me? Thanks.

Oh, wait. Some of you actually could, if you thought it was what I realio trulio wanted. So, um, please don't. Request rescinded.

(I just finished making my preliminary Christmas card list. It's actually not as long as I thought it might be. If you fear I will not know where to find you and this is a problem for you, please send your address to marissalingen at gmail.)

(But still: lots of friends and loved ones.)

(I was thinking of trying to finish "Carter Hall Lights the Lamp" for sending to people as a Christmas story. I'm not sure that'll happen -- if it does, it may be "Christmas" as in "by Twelfth Night" rather than "by 12/25," but if you would like to be part of "people," please e-mail me or leave a comment here.)
Tags: my friends rule
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