Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Two situations.

Sometimes I ask a rhetorical question aloud, and the answer, when it occurs to me, is a bit embarrassing. The most recent example is: "Why do we never have enough mustard in this house?" And the answer is, because our standards for "enough mustard," both in quantity and in variety, border on the ridiculous. Do you have any of those?

Also, sometimes I say something just to be silly, and then it strikes me as reasonable. I was making fun of personality quiz memes a bit and said, "It's all mildly amusing to find out that my personality is best represented by a laser-guided unicorn or whatever, but it's not really my thing to post those." Hmm. You know what? I suspect my personality is better represented by a laser-guided unicorn than by most quiz answers. eposia volunteered herself to be a tap-dancing dragon. So now here's my freeform Thanksgiving quiz: what improbable juxtaposition of descriptors are you?
Tags: random questions

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