Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Happy despite lasagna lack.

What I said last year on Thanksgiving was, "...the first thing I'm thankful for is always the same: the people I love. I say it at other times, so I don't have to feel bad about 'one day out of the year' blah blah: I'm always thankful for the people I love, because I have a kickass awesome set of people to love. I don't know anyone luckier than me in that regard. I don't think they exist. Happily, I know some people as lucky as I am in that regard, so the lack of total ordering serves us in good stead."

It's still true. And this year I'm very grateful to have my energy back so I can run out of it by running around as usual. I'm very grateful for not only Dr. porphyrin, but also for intelligent, caring doctors everywhere. May we have more of them and less need of them in the year to come.

This year it will be my grands, my folks, my Onie, markgritter, and me, plus the beastlet running around underfoot. timprov isn't feeling well enough to head down to the folks' with us, but my mom is making up a plate to send home with us for him. My grandma has made four pies for eight people. Happily we all like pie enough that an extra day or two of pie won't make anybody gnash their teeth or tear their hair too enthusiastically. As I am not the host this year, we are not having my traditional Thanksgiving lasagna, but rather some outlandish thing like turkey with stuffing and potatoes. When in Apple Valley, as the saying goes. And there will be fresh lefse, so at least that's traditional. For us.

Happy Thanksgiving, all of you, whether you celebrate it as a holiday or whether you simply pause in your daily life to be glad of the good things you have.
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