Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


There is a very large map of Medieval or possibly Renaissance Iceland hanging over my desk now. It is framed in cherry, and it makes me very happy. And it is no longer propped against the second short story bookcase behind me, and "hang Iceland map" no longer graces my to-do list.

I am trying not to think of the fact that I now need to re-hang three other things that used to be in this general area, and that the to-do list now includes that behavior. Because this is progress; this is improvement. It's just that lately it feels like progress and improvement are kind of cascading. I am threatened by a tidal wave of progress. I got all brave and made my phone calls awhile ago (I hate phone calls), and there were four separate service peoples in my home today because of it. Which is good, sort of: the cable guy is done, and the notary is done...but the piano tuner will return, twice, and the handybeing will return at least once, because they're not at all done.

But this is progress. Progress, progress, progress. And this particular segment of progress is very shiny.
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