Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of November 12-18

Five rejections. Working ahead for the upcoming holiday, I guess.

This afternoon I went to Dreamhaven for the reading and tea 1crowdedhour and Pat Wrede were having, I believe as a launch for The Mislaid Magician. The food was lovely, the readings even better. They each read from their own new work, as they claim there's nothing collaborative in the works. Although! they admitted that they claimed that before and were writing The Grand Tour, so I don't know that we should believe them.

I did some Christmas shopping. The first serious Christmas shopping of the year, for me -- early Thanksgiving makes it feel a little weird, but on the other hand, there I was at Dreamhaven, and I couldn't guarantee I'd get there again before Christmas. I'll probably make a point of going to Uncle Hugo's so I can go back to Uncle Edgar's to get some Anthony Price for Grandpa's stocking, but it's not like when I lived in St. Pete, when Uncle Hugo's and Dreamhaven were more or less the same place for us and we went to both as a unit. So I made sure to pick up some things Dreamhaven will have that UH/UE likely won't.

I love this city. I love knowing scads of ways home so I can just pick one and see some November on that street. I love the smell of late fall here, and the glassy bits on the lakes, especially where there's shade all day. I love the shapes of bare trees before the snow gets serious. I don't like driving, but just driving home is its own good thing here, for me.
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