Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Housekeeping and sleep, or skivvies and herring.

I do not set myself up as the world's pinnacle of the art of housekeeping. Heaven knows a few things around here could use cleaning right this minute. But people, people: when you drop a pair of skivvies behind the dryer, fetch them out again. Use tongs or the broom handle or whatever you need. Because they will not disappear back there. They will not crumble into dust. They will not find the door to Narnia; everyone knows that's in the pantry.* They will get extremely dirty, and if the washing machine transmission breaks and leaks oil and transmission fluid all over the floor, they will get soaked in it. And if you no longer live in that house, the next owner will have to clean up your dirty, oily, dusty, fluid-soaked undies. Does she want to do that? No. She does not.

On the up side, the new dryer is very shiny, and the area under both washer and dryer is squeaky-clean. And all before lunchtime.

Also! After I dropped markgritter at the airport, I had breakfast and went back to bed. I slept for two more hours! It was lovely. I could no longer intone, "Braaaaains!" and have someone believe I was an actual zombie. It's a very fine thing. (This is one of the drawbacks of being Scandahuvian: we can't go outside for more than approximately 15 seconds without sunblock, including cloudy days, and just one morning of the alarm going off at 4:50 will make us seem to be some flavor of horrific undead creature. On the up side, we know a million things to do with herring and will teach you if you're nice to us. The fact that there don't seem to be legends about vampiric fixation on herring bears testimony to the fact that we mostly stayed home after that embarrassing yet fruitful period of pillaging your coastlines. Because you know Sven Forkbeard went shambling around the color of skim milk, cutting people's heads off and attempting to take their herring, when he hadn't gotten enough sleep due to Olaf Bignose's snoring back on the boat.)

The list is very detailed this week. While I tackle some of the list items, I'm turning phonemes over in my head. Preparatory exercises, one supposes. In the meantime, there will be brussels sprouts for lunch.

No, that's a good thing.

*Do not leave your skivvies in my pantry. The Narnians don't want them, either.
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