Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of November 5-11

Two rejections. On things that got rejected last week; I'm apparently on the "efficient e-sub markets" with this pair of stories, while others are lingering at some length.

Every year my friendslist makes me snuffly on Armistice Day, posting things about it that are meaningful to me. (And every year I say: yes, I honor veterans. By all means. But we thought we were fighting the last war once, and that's worth remembering. So honor veterans, but do it on Armistice Day. 11/11 wasn't chosen at random.)

My grandmother is always amazed by my knowledge of local restaurants. "How do you find all these places, honey?" she will ask me every time I take them out. And the answer comes partly from noon today: we tried a mediocre St. Paul bakery/restaurant (the LoTo), and we won't be taking her back there. You can't find what's good if you don't try stuff on a whim, but you can't expect every whim to pay off.

rosefox asked for my recipe for caramels. It's just this one. Nothing fancy. Kind of fiddly to cut them and wrap them all, but so good.

I told someone else, in a locked post about writing, that it's okay to trust yourself to grow, when you're figuring out what to do with all this. It's okay to step off the cliff and trust that you will have grown wings by the time the ground gets anywhere near your head. Sometimes it won't work, but it's okay to fall, too. Sometimes.

This is one of those times when I need to go think hard about listening to my own advice.
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