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Friendly plane travel

There will probably be a series of random-ish entries as things occur to me and I have five minutes to sit down and write them. My cousin and her husband and kiddo have been in town all weekend, and they're leaving today. I will get to see them -- briefly at least -- on their way out.

I am mightily amused at the phone conversation we had, though, because Kari asked me if I'd had a good conference, and when I said I had, she said, "Great! Well, we'll have to hear -- uh -- a little more about it when we see you." I'm pretty sure this was an on-the-spot editing of "we'll have to hear all about it." I could hear the proofreaders' marks in her voice. Because they don't want to hear all about it, and frankly neither do you, because, "And so-and-so's room party was serving brownies and champagne and X and Y liked my boots and and and," is rather tedious. And I do know it. That's not the kind of con report I mean to write.

A quick story most of you at the con already heard, though, because I was putting the provoking volume away and I am still amused at myself:

I was getting on the plane from DFW to Austin on Thursday morning, and I was carrying the book I was reading so that the cover faced out. And so many people were smiling at me! I was getting such happy looks! And inside my head I was doing a little groovy happy dance: goin' to the con, goin' to the con, everybody's goin' to the con! So many fantasy lovers! Goin' to the con! Then I sat down to read the book I was carrying: Geoff Ryman's Lust. Which has a zucchini and two cherry tomatoes strategically placed next to the word LUST on the cover.

So possibly not so many fantasy lovers as I thought. Or at least a different kind.
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