Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


I am safe and approximately as sound as I was when I left Austin, which is approximately as sound as I was when I left home, mostly, sort of.

Tired. Naturally.

Book-laden. Naturally.

Happy with tribe. Naturally? Possibly naturally, at least.

Con report to follow. Yes, you guessed it: naturally.

The Au Bon Pain in the DFW airport is a great goodness. The best sandwiches I've ever had? Not at all. But quite edible for airport food: quite edible crusty bread with quite edible pesto, quite edible mozzarella, and edible-ish winter supermarket tomatoes. Go Au Bon Pain. Best thing since that one deli in MSP's airport went out. What's your airport food of choice?
Tags: cons, see the world they said
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