Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of August 8-14 (belated)

Three rejections, no acceptances, one "maybe; I'm thinking hard about it."

markgritter and I are back from Grand Rapids safe and sound. I worked on Zodiac House pretty well there on the first few days, and I took today off like a good Mrissa is supposed to do. All novels and no play makes Mrissa something something. But I like the way ZH is falling together in my head. I like the things I'm doing with it, and I like the siblings who are the main characters, and I like the fact that it is for children (=SHORT) and can be contained in my head without making me feel like I swallowed a glacier (which is how the Not The Moose Books, Thermionic Night and Sampo, have been -- though oddly Midnight Sun Rising feels much more straightforward -- perhaps this is because I've only written 40K on it). I think when I'm done with the draft of Sampo and am revising the living hell out of it and Thermionic Night, I will go into some sort of writing...umm...thinger...and emerge with ZH the way I did with The Worldbuilders. Only better, because I know how to write gooder now.

I have still more to say than I did when I was kite-flying, but I'm mentally and physically tired, so it's going to wait again. This morning was not a good time. I woke up with the bed spinning, and this was not a feature the hotel provided. Wheeee. Stupid dizziness. It's mostly gone now, except it's more pronounced as I get tired. Bah. I'm drinking water, on the theory that it can't hurt. (I suppose it could. But the odds are on my side.) I'll unpack tomorrow, mentally and physically.

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