Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


Mostly packed. Mostly healthy. Mostly eager to get to WFC tomorrow. Mostly tired. But mostly done with a book I'm reading, so I might as well finish it; I dislike taking a book on the plane to read 10 pages of it, and I also dislike leaving a book home with 10 pages yet to read.

Also, regarding the photo poll, most of you are ingrates and probably Red Commies for not appreciating what the good Marshal has done for you in keeping Finland independent of Soviet influence. I'm just sayin'. Some of you have already admitted to being Red Commies, which is fine.

The latest thing is that the washing machine has decided not to have a spin cycle any more. Not mostly. Totally. So I sang under my breath, "we shall come rejoicing, wringing out the towels," and thought that maybe I don't have to sing everything, but by then I was too tired not to. jenett has talked about being too tired not to cope. Sometimes I am too tired not to sing. "How Can I Keep From Singing" is really more a practical question sort of song for me than rhetorical: really how can I, lest someone get annoyed.

Do not expect gratuitous bursts of song at WFC, if you're going to see me there. But, um. Perhaps don't expect their lack, either.
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