Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Being Smart Is Not Enough, #7664.

Ista and I were out raking leaves. She is a poodle, not bred for northern climes, so we put a jacket on her when she's outside in the fall and winter, so that we can get some energy run off her before she's a mass of shivering bones. (She is also a fairly skinny poodle. Gets bored with eating and wanders off: I already smelled that. That's my girl. Sigh.)

Anyway, so she went under the deck, where monkeys cannot go, in her jacket, and she came out nekkid.

I said, "Ista, where's your jacket?"

She looked at me speculatively. We have only done "where's" with Piggy, and Piggy was Inside. The monkeys have been very clear that Piggy Stays Inside. Clearly I did not mean Piggy.

I said, "Jacket. Where's your jacket?"

She went and stabbed her nose downwards through the boards of the deck near the door to the sun porch. I followed her and looked. Sure enough, I could see a little bit of purple fleece. "Clever girl," I sighed. No way could we reach under there. Not even with the fing-longer. Well, someone could go under there.

I said, "Go get it, Ista! Get your jacket!" So off she trotted under the deck, and I heard scuffling and pulling and scuffling, and eventually she emerged without jacket. I think it's caught on something, a board under the deck or something. As usual, being smart is helpful but not sufficient.


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