Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Oh, Go Fly A

I flew my first kite today! seagrit was just horrified when she heard I never had, so she brought their kite along when we went to the beach at Muskegon. It was very nifty. It was a dual string kite, so I could mess it up in a far more spectacular fashion than a one-stringer. (One of the cross-pieces popped out on my first try, so it went into death spirals. Eek.) I think we need a kite sometime between tomorrow and when our first spawn is 4ish.

Our hotel room here has wireless internet connectivity. Rah for the wireless internet. Rah for the hotel room with kitchenette and sofa and much more niceness than our last hotel room. Less rah for the outdoor hot tub: it is too cold to go from the room to the hot tub in a bikini and a towel, or even a bikini and a towel and a jacket. And it is too ridiculous to try to get markgritter to drive the rental car the half-block to the hot tub. So maybe tomorrow night.

Also less rah for hotmail, which is not allowing me to retrieve any of my messages from that account. I can see that there are messages. Just not what they say. Bah.

And less rah for my last doctor-sanctioned day o' sick. The cough came back this afternoon while we were hiking over sand dunes and around swamps. We won't be doing that tomorrow, I think.

I've been doing other stuff and thinking about other stuff, but it can wait until I get home, I think. Mostly: wheee, kite! I hope the pictures came out, because my face felt pretty goofily happy.

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