Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

On our way

The only things on my packing list still are "jacket" and "boots" and "LEAVE KEYS," although if I forget the last and C.J. needs keys to fetch us back from the airport, I can have timprov leave his keys on the counter instead. But they're laying over my leg; I shouldn't forget. I even remembered to take my Leatherman out of my purse so as not to lose another one in airport security. Sigh. What if there are wires that need stripping at Grandma Gritter's birthday party? Whatever will we do then? But I'm not used to taking it out of my purse, so if I packed it in the suitcase and then transferred it to my purse once we got there, I probably would forget to move it back when we came home, so I will have to do without for the weekend. Sniffle.

(Hey, you have your security blanket, I have mine.)

Our hotel supposedly has internet this time. seagrit and Jeff definitely have internet. That said, I have no idea what I'll have in terms of time for using it. If there's something I absolutely need to know before Sunday evening, call the cell or call here and timprov will relay the message. Otherwise, e-mail is still fine, but don't interpret any slight in a delayed response to it or to a posting you've made.

I woke up at 5:30 and am in hyperdrive (what David [the one in California] calls "go mode"). If I had to characterize my physical mood, it would be, "I'm not sick any more! I'm inVINCible!" The former is only true-ish (I'm not as sick any more), and I think you can take bets on the latter. But I can go to bed early tonight or take a nap at the hotel or Grandpa Lyzenga's or something. Once I'm vincible again or the withdrawal from my Leatherman sets in. (It's only six inches from my hands right now, so not yet.)

I can sing again, though. I sung Liz Phair tunes the whole way to and from coffee last night. Liz Phair is good "going to visit the relatives" music.

I am leaving the book here. That is, I'm leaving Sampo here. (The notes to Zodiac House are coming with me.) It's at that stage where I would need to bring the entire manuscript and outline in order to reliably get useful work done on it, and I'll be spending time with relatives anyway, so I'm just letting it sit here and percolate. And if Zodiac House feels like poking my brain some more, let it. It's a children's book, so it should poke fast.

I am a morning shower person. I showered last night. (Which was a pity, as I no longer smelled like coffee or lydy-hug or the rest of my day and was as a consequence a bit unstuck in time, but I also didn't smell like smoke from the coffee place, so I could actually sleep. Sort of. For awhile.) I feel a bit weird having showered last night, like I'm incognito or something. I'm wearing my glasses and my hair is in a ponytail. It's my secret identity. I'm so sneaky.

Okay. Tired free associations can go somewhere else now. We'll be leaving soon. Have a good weekend.

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