Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of October 22-28

Five rejections, four of them in one day. In a way I'm really glad our mail got delayed for months when we were moving home from California, because after the nine-rejection day, nothing really looks daunting any more. At least nothing without expectations, which none of these submissions had established for me.

Ista got to go play with the neighbor pups for an hour and a half this afternoon, and then I took her for a walk. She is tired tonight. Also confused: markgritter is lying on the couch, and I was sitting in his chair. This is not the way of things. Pups know. Now she is being Nurse Poodle; she's had too much practice at that, I fear. markgritter may have had as many as seven Cheerios for dinner. Whee. Trying to take care of him, trying not to catch the ick myself. I'm not at all clear how everything that needs doing is going to get done, especially if some of the things that merely want doing are going to get done. But we will get there.

I had half an lj entry in my head, and all of a sudden it shifted under my feet and started underpinning a story I've been wanting to finish for awhile, whose characters weren't quite sure what their world was doing to them. And now they are. So no lj entry for you -- it'll be better as a few lines out of characters' mouths and mostly things that don't get said right out. Sometimes it's better that way. Better for me, anyway; can't speak to the rest of you. But the penny dropped, and there you have that. Or there you will have it. Or there I will.

I was feeling small and petty and clumsy and overwhelmed, and now I have more to do, not less, with this story asking to be written, but I feel more able to do it all, even stuff that has nothing to do with the story here under my hands. And I have been reliably instructed to stop belittling my own short stories, so I am trying very hard on that front. They matter, or they can if I don't undercut them. And this story deserves to be taken seriously on its own terms and not denigrated for not being ten times as long. This story -- will be good. I really do think.

That's a good thing to go about my night knowing. I don't always get to know until later.

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