Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Not Minbari.

I am still not a Minbari, in case any Bab5 fans were wondering. But I did manage to sleep at an angle anyway. It was not the best sleep ever. But it was sleep, and it didn't mess up yesterday's procedure, so all right all around.

The nice folks at Baen's Universe wrote to ask me about art for my next story with them, and I managed something, but I think I am probably one of the more amiable people when it comes to visual art for my stories. I am so totally not a visual person that it's always interesting to me to see what someone who is visual comes up with, even if it's nothing like the fragments of visual stuff I have in my head. I have some pet peeves in illustration -- when someone is described as "stocky," for example, and portrayed on the cover of the book as spindly instead -- but for the most part I am very easy to please, or at least to entertain. If they were going to try to compose scents for the different characters, I would be a harridan of hell -- "No! The cardamom is not buffering the anise enough, it smells like someone else completely!" -- but this is not the way this business usually works. Which is probably just as well for all concerned, or I wouldn't be able to go into a bookstore at all. Particularly the mystery and history sections, oof. Although some romances might be just as bad, and -- oh, the authors I couldn't read. I have trouble with the way some stories smell in my head anyway, but moving it out of my skull and into my nose would be worse, much worse.

I think it's time to give up on "Five Ways to Ruin a First Date" for the day and start kicking some other story with heavy boots. For some reason I am in, "Oi! You! Hold still so's I can stomp you!" mode as regards my stories this morning. They bear it bravely.

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