Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

inner earness

Well. I have had my inner ear messed with, non-surgically, and I am still a bit unsteady from the experience. In fact, if I was left to my own devices with no instructions, I would want to go have a lie-down right about now. I suspect that I will end up sleeping in markgritter's or timprov's recliner tonight, to minimize the temptation of rolling off the pillows to sleep flat.

Anyway, it was not too bad, could have been worse. They didn't do the thing that sounds and feels like a family of woodpeckers has taken up residence in my skull. That was worse. I have a new standard for medical appointments: any medical appointment where you don't need anaesthetic, and where they don't do the woodpecker thing, and where no competent doctor says, "Uhhh...that's weird," or, "Uh-oh!", is a good medical appointment. It used to be "any medical appointment where nothing metal enters your body is a good medical appointment," but in the last year I have discovered unpleasant things they can do to you without bits of metal inside your body.

Now I go about the rest of my day upright. I'm not sure how this will go. I have the feeling I will feel thwarted, if not at every turn, certainly at many turns. Still, it's over, and it's much easier to deal with the known limits on what I can do than the unknowns about what will need doing.

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