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Safe in a coffeehouse getting tea for markgritter so he isn't a zombie for family dinner this evening. Ista woke up from her nap on the drive down yesterday (somewhere south of Owatonna) in a really happy mood, and she has since been eating like a pig-poodle hybrid, running about scruffing the family affectionately, and generally behaving like herself. This is an immense relief to everyone.

The wedding was lovely. The groom was radiant. (The bride looked beautiful, too, but when you've known someone since you were both 5, you can tell when he's happy. He just glowed. My mom cried when she saw him in his tux.) I underestimated the teacher factor in this wedding, since both bride and groom not only graduated from the same high school, but the bride is also teaching there now. So I got to see some people I was happy and eager to see, notably Jan and Blake and Doc Tichy and Mrs. Mo Tichy. Good conversations. More on which upon my return. Just wanted to let you all know all is well with everyone here, particularly after the pup's difficulties this week.

ETA: We're having difficulties reaching my normal e-mail (read: it is impossible), so please don't assume that I know anything about anything if you haven't called me with it. Which you haven't, because nobody has. Also, I tried phone-posting, but the phone number I tried for that has given so many busy signals that I think I need to go look on the lj page for another phone number.

Coolest thing on the road besides a healthy puppy: an open truck bed carrying the wheels and axles for train cars.

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