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It occurred to me after the third person said, "Packing? Huh?" in response to my e-mails today that not everybody has my calendar in their heads. So. markgritter and missista and I will be leaving tomorrow morning -- I hope around 9:00 -- to drive down to Omaha. We'll be staying with my grands and going to Jim's wedding. Jim was my first and best friend in kindergarten, my first crush, and we were inseparable through elementary school. I'm still pretty fond of him, and I have good memories of the woman he's marrying, too, although the last time I saw her she was 13 or so. (Melissa is the younger sister of a woman who was one of my best friends in junior high.) The wedding is tomorrow evening, so the rest of the weekend will just be relaxing with the family. I haven't called any of the friends I have left in Omaha -- they aren't very numerous now that greykev isn't there, and a weekend isn't enough time with my grands anyway. We'll be back Sunday evening.

My grands don't have internet. It's possible that they and my folks will want to do something with mutual friends or whatever and markgritter and I will slip out to a coffeehouse with wi-fi for a few minutes. It's also possible that we won't. Do not panic if I slip off your radar for the weekend.

Upon my return, I will have a day to sort laundry and run around frantically getting things done. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be entirely out of commission for driving, vigorous exercise, and anything that involves bending over or lying flat. They're doing a Procedure on me that involves manipulating my head. (The exterior thereof, thankfully.) I have no idea how I will feel when this is over, other than glad to be done with it, but I will be in contact and all that, so I'm sure I will tell you-all.

And that is what for the immediate future.

Ista only had to have two syringe-feedings, although we reserve the right to do another one tonight if we can't hand-feed her a bit more of her wet food. Trying to get her to eat while we're on the road down to Omaha is neither practical nor, frankly, a particularly bright idea, so we want to make sure she's a little more fueled up tonight. She hasn't been eating her food voluntarily, but she's eating biscuits and drinking water, and when we hand-feed her, she will eat. So I think we're in the "recuperation" stage of this. Hope so. She wanted to run and romp and play with the laser pointer this afternoon, so all that is a very good sign.

And there was writing today, albeit not in the greatest quantity I've ever had.

Also there was sucking one more person into the addictive goodness of Pumphouse Creamery. Muwaha etc.

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