Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
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Who wants it

I have a copy of Tim Powers's Forsake the Sky that I read in paperback before realizing that Mark had been reading the very same book in hardbound as part of the book Powers of Two, where it had sneeeeeakily been retitled The Skies Discrowned. I will give it unto you if you want it. First preference goes to Minneapolitans (so I don't have to pay postage), second to merriehaskell who has recently sent me books, and beyond that whoever wants it. This is SF (though it's not very scientifically focused), not the usual Powers fantasy subcategory.

In responding to yhlee on a paragraph from my first novel, I had the realization that, I the first book (books, oops) I've ever written where the main characters did not feel that someone had their back. Where they were really alone in the world, though they are rarely physically alone. In my head it feels like they could have been each other's backup and missed somehow, and I'm going to have to figure out whether that got across to the readers. But not right now. Right now is for more of the rough, potentially sucky stuff (All Ass Club members unite!), and then for packing and making dinner, and then for coffee with lydy.

But anyway: before that, my characters have always had someone to turn to. They may not have wanted to, they may have fought, they may not have thought they could ask for help, and the other people may not have been able to give it, but there has always been someone to be there. And that, to me, is not a fantastical element. That's not wish fulfillment, at least not of the unrealistic kind. That's the world I live in. There is someone there for me. Multiple someones. It wasn't always like that, but it is now, and it's possible, and it's good. And going the other way with this book (these books, dammit! Stupid books!) is a little alien to me.

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