Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Free as the wind blows....

Ista recently discovered that one of her grandmonkeys' floor vents contains a Cheerio from the previous occupants. So she decided to examine the floor vent in markgritter's and my bedroom. Humoring her, markgritter said, "What's in there, Ista?" and pulled the vent out for her to examine.

What was in there was a pair of extremely dusty and faded pieces of '80s soft-core pornography.

We were extremely amused. So markgritter checked the other vent, but it was, still to our amusement, porn-free.

Homeownership. It is a series of surprises.

Tomorrow the duct-cleaners come. Hee. Good timing, dog.

(I hear markgritter in the bedroom now: "No, Ista, we already checked in there." Hee.)
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