Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Troublesome things, brains.

I have just discovered that I was holding two mutually exclusive and equally firm plans for the middle of tomorrow in my head.

Uff da.

Happily only one of them involves another person, so I can let the other shift to a different part of the day. And happily I thought of it before I was in the middle of one without thinking of the other. But -- uff da.

I finished writing all but the bonus postcard fragment*, and it had the effect of making me excited to work on those stories. Which was a lot more what I had in mind when I signed on for this game, actually, but Sunday is my day off, so other than one phrasing correction, I closed all the files back up and went on to other things. Virtue, I am told, is its own reward. And I will be raring to go with the work in the morning, which is one of the reasons I take Sundays off in the first place. Every once in awhile I do know how to work this brain. And the surprises when I don't are well worth it.

*One of you is getting one who didn't ask for it, because she was working extremely hard and collapsing in a heap when I posted the entry, and I had an extra postcard from, so I took pity upon her. I would be willing to do this again, but not soon: I used part of a different work-in-progress for each postcard but one -- that is, two of you got bits of The True Tale of Carter Hall because it seemed apt -- which was kind of exhilirating but used rather a lot of M'ris-brain in a lot of different directions at once.

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