Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

All thrills around here.

Well, my dears, it's Friday night, and I'm hovering over the Frontier Airlines website hitting the refresh button. markgritter's flight is late, but this time it's Denver to blame, not San Francisco. I suspect that they're lying to me about how late, but I will go anyway, and bring a book. It's amazing how often "bring a book" is the solution to life's problems.

(Edited to add: markgritter says that while he flew out of San Jose and got to Denver in a timely fashion, the reason his flight out of Denver was late was that the plane he was taking from Denver home had to come from San Francisco. So I take it back, onehipmama: don't blame Denver.)

Earlier in the evening, I unintentionally but quite successfully reinvented salsa verde. What a creative and special snowflake I am. I discovered that we had not replaced the dried cilantro since we moved back from California, which is three years ago Sunday. I'm not sure I'm going to replace it now -- we've been doing well with fresh cilantro, and I'm not sure I can go back. And it doesn't seem like garlic powder, where the dry stuff is of different use than the fresh. So my salsa verde was somewhat suboptimal, as dumping small grey bits of things that used to be cilantro into my previously-nice salsa did not seem like a solution.

columbina was writing about "do it right" vs. "just get it done" this morning, and that reminds me I should go back and look and see if anyone has said anything additional there. I think there's something to be said for each approach, but the small grey bits of things that used to be cilantro are more in the category of "for heaven's sake don't make it worse" than either of the above. On the other hand, I've recently seen the things that don't get done at all because everyone is afraid of making them worse, and that's not a solution, either.

I've been thinking again lately about how the status quo is never an option. A restaurant that has been serving their special chicken pasta thing the same way for one year is not the same place as a restaurant that's been serving it that way for five years, or twenty, or a hundred. It was nice, in college, to be able to banter with the_overqual at the drop of a hat, but it was a different and additional kind of nice to be able to do so on the phone without preamble this week, half a continent away, nearly a decade since we lived in the same city. Keeping a friendship mostly the same is a change: you're changing from people who have been friends for a week or a month to people who have been friends for years. It matters. Each time you reread the same book, you and it are different. Stepping in rivers. Etc.

Right. Blah blah etc. To the airport with me.

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