Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Considerate bop

My parents are in Albuquerque. (Long story.) My parents have a new living room rug. (Short but boring story.) Ista and I went down to make sure their house had not burned down and so on, and she was most upset to find that her grandmonkeys were not there. She ran around in some distress. She cried. Apparently her stomach churned.

But did she puke on the new rug? She did not. She waited until we were in the car and puked on me. Neatly missing the seat of the car, even.

Such a considerate pup.

I actually mean that somewhat seriously: it was much easier to just shuck my clothes and put on different clothes than it would have been to clean the rug or the upholstery. But still: sigh. The joys of dog ownership. At least two of you are prone to reminding me, "You're the one who wanted a dog," and indeed and in fact I am. But I'd worn those jeans for less than four hours, and now they're dirty. Ah well; we have the technology to fix this problem.
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