Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Agreement, disagreement.

The doglet and I are united in our dislike of box elder bugs and Canadian geese. Having trained this brain to work in symbols and patterns for fiction-writing purposes, I find I sometimes have difficulty pulling the brain out of that rut -- in this case, convincing myself that the box elder bugs are not symbolic of everything being chaotic and scary with many unpleasant things looming. They are not symbols. They are bugs.

On the other hand, it might be comforting if I could just squish unpleasantness symbolically and have it work. Having the guts of unpleasantness neatly disposed of on a tissue: well, all right.

The doglet and I disagree on the subject of the neighbor dogs, and also on the subject of squirrels. I keep trying to teach her, "That's none of our business," but she feels that a dog hardly has any business more pressing than the neighbor dogs, squirrels, or possibly what the neighbor dogs are doing in regards to squirrels.

Tomorrow I can have wild rice pudding with sour cherries for breakfast if I want it. I probably won't, but I can.

That's really as deep as it gets here tonight, folks. There's stuff that's a lot deeper but less coherent, so it would come out as, "you know that feeling you get when stuff happens? I hate that. It's like, much worse than that other feeling you get when different stuff happens. The End. By Mris, Age 28." But you do know that feeling you get, right? With the stuff? I thought so. Good.

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