Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Up, Down, Back

The good news is that I didn't take the Yellow Ellipsoids of Death this morning, and I remained sufficiently un-dizzy to breakfast with timprov, then drive into the city, lunch at leisure with dd_b and pameladean, and pick up Hungarian paprika sausage just over the river in St. Paul and other groceries just down the road at Byerly's. Force of will is a beautiful thing.

The bad news is that I was totally wiped out when I got home. I ended up taking a YEoD again because I was coughing more. Also, the book has received pickings and peckings and not a heck of a lot more. So we are back to the "less coughing/more dizzy" stage for this evening and probably tomorrow as well, at least in part. Also I think Some People are going to think I always shake before lunch, because last time I lunched with them (due to not eating soon enough) and I did this time, too (due to being up and about).

So. I'm officially putting Quicksilver on hiatus: lying down and reading is one of the more restful things I can be doing, and everybody even remotely medical keeps telling me to rest. And not wanting to lie down and read because the book will suffocate me in an unwary moment is a bad thing. I don't like setting Quicksilver down, especially because I doubt I will haul it on the plane to GR this weekend, so it'll likely be awhile before I pick it up again. But, y'know, the suffocation thing. Paperbacks for me for a bit longer.

I'm trying to see some people before and between Mark's grandma's party and Michelle and Scott's wedding. I've nearly got plans with C.J. and lydy and Heathah (not concurrently but consecutively, though not in that order), and I might work out plans with Rachel; we'll see. And timprov and I could hang out some more, and markgritter and I have something or 'nother to celebrate together. And the book, the book nags. So maybe another couple dozen words before I go lie down.

Every once in awhile it occurs to me that I don't know how people who aren't smell-oriented navigate their worlds. My hair smells like five different kinds of hugging people. That's a very good thing to go smell while trying to rest and relax and not pop up and write the book more. Much more relaxing than any scented candles or incense I've ever encountered. And much more than whale songs or some color of walls or something.

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