Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Small bright spots

I am probably the last person in the world to discover this, but I do believe side-tie bikini bottoms are the last word in swimsuit comfort.

It seems that our local Mexican restaurant is a good place for me to come up with the closed form of different things, so far Political Forwards From One's Relatives and Political TV Ads. Hmm. Maybe this is just related to politics. I should take something non-political and unsolved in closed form there and find out. There's plenty of math that's purely iterative/approximate. Problem is, I was a physicist; I like approximations.

I am going to my first baseball playoff game ever on Tuesday. It will be an Adventure. Yes, I know I have banned markgritter from having any further Adventures, particularly while he is away from home. But his Adventures tend to involve insane bus drivers, whereas mine so far have not. I don't see why the goose and the gander shouldn't have different sauces. The same sauce on everything would get boring.

A container of something I had previously regarded as Most Likely Disgusting from Byerly's turns out to be really rather pleasant. Stare at one's companion and make short interjections of pleasure, that kind of really rather pleasant. Pleasant to the point of me considering purchasing someone else's baked goods. Don't worry, I will lie down and it will pass. And if it doesn't, we know where to go to fill the urge.

Today is my day off from writing, and I think my procrastination on Sampo (should I call it Copper Mountain?) is getting to the point where I might finish the rewrite of "The Last Egg" as procrastination. Which is a good and useful kind of procrastination. Also I may clean the bathrooms. Yay procrastination. Also lydy will get rosemary buns. For why? Because she is the lydy. And because I am procrastinational. And because there is still rosemary we haven't even eaten yet. Also there are books I haven't even read yet and money we haven't even spent yet. So on the whole this may work out all right.

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