Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Only Thursday yet, right?

After I got back from yesterday afternoon's running around, my body decided that it was time to do Stupid Girl Tricks for awhile. So boom on the couch with me. Bleh^2. This morning seems to be much better, possibly done with for awhile. One can hope.

The phone woes continue. Anyone who wants to reach me reliably should please use e-mail or my cell phone or both. If you would like to have my cell number, please e-mail, and also while we're at it and the address book is on my desk, please feel free to send me any contact information you think might be useful. Or even contact information you doubt will be useful. The tornado* left me with a strong sense of Just In Case.

Plans for the day involve giving the pup a lap for awhile (she is draped over my arm snoring softly right now), reading, working on the draft of "Five Ways to Ruin a First Date," doing laundry, and checking in with relevant parties. And maybe dealing with certain birthday gifts. Do take care, all of you.

*For those of you coming late to the game who didn't buy a souvenir program, my college was hit by a tornado over spring break of my junior year. Formative Life Events. My friends' contact information was mostly in my dorm room, inaccessible, condition unknown. At that point I said Never Again, and mostly I meant it. Someday I will write my tornado book. It will look like aliens or genetic engineering or AIs or magical whatsits or something else, but I will know.

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