Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Monday morning

papersky says: On the anniversary of September 11th I like to affirm the excellence of Western Civilization, create something, and celebrate the excellence of the internet as a way of reaching friends.

This is good. Yes. I can do this. This morning it's looking a lot like Louis Armstrong, banana bread, and livejournal posts. This afternoon probably a different set. But it's a good bit of mindfulness, and I appreciate it.

Yesterday I went out to Ren Fest with dd_b and pameladean and lydy. It was cool and damp for awhile, then chilly and rainy and muddy. This is how Fest goes: either beastly hot and dusty or chilly and damp. I go expecting that, and then I have a good time regardless of weather. Yesterday was no exception. We didn't get to see most of the people we were going to look for before we had to haul our bedraggled selves home, but on the other hand, nobody had an absolutely fixed agenda, so it was no big deal to throw in the towel when the mud looked to overwhelm us. Good time had by all -- oh, and we saw a mythical beast: a bagpipe and drum band that played quietly.

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