Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Around again on the guitar

sksperry posted the thing that comes around occasionally on lj, this time of the form, "ask me up to three questions, then post this in your lj." I did ask Steve three questions, so here we are: ask me up to three questions, if you want to; post it in your lj after, if you want to. I'll be screening comments this time and not identifying the questioner unless it's okay with you.

One of my questions for Steve was, "What are you going to do to celebrate Caligula's birthday?" My calendar lists today as Caligula's birthday, and I just can't decide how to observe the occasion. I don't have a horse or sisters, which really cuts down on the options, and if I tried to have somebody do a statue of me as Zeus, I think people would just laugh.

Probably I will celebrate by sweeping the floor and working on the book. Wheee. Oh, the decadence. Oh, the hedonism.
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